Cover for Motorbikes

There is provision to claim for overseas medical expenses (including medical evacuation) should you become involved in an accident and sustain injuries whilst motorcycle riding.

You must hold an appropriate and valid licence recognised in the country you are travelling in for the motorcycle you operate, and you must obey the road rules of that country.
Motorcycles may seem like an easy option, especially in SE Asia where everyone seems to ride one. However, greater caution should be used as you will be trying to negotiate your way through overcrowded roads that aren’t well maintained. This can be daunting for the experienced motorcycle rider and dangerous for a novice.

If you don't have a proper licence and have a crash, it’s pretty straightforward: you’re riding illegally and you’re not covered. So always be sure to check with the consulate or tourism bureau of the country you are travelling to before you go to confirm licensing requirements.
Ensure you book through a reputable company who have well maintained motorcycles and who offer personal liability insurance and physical damage insurance  whilst the motorcycle is in your care.

We do not cover your liability arising out of your ownership, possession or use of a mechanically propelled vehicle (this means you are not covered if you injure someone or cause damage to someone’s property whilst the motorcycle is in your care).
Also, we do not cover theft of or damage to the motorcycle itself, nor do we cover the insurance excess if you are hiring a motorcycle.
References to motorcycles include mopeds, scooters and any other motorised bike.